$150.00 Harmonic Balancer Core Fee




I will charge your credit card for the core fee unless you request for me to send you a PayPal invoice. 
                                                 CORE RETURN POLICY
1 The definition of a good rebuildable core is as follows: a. Thekeywaymustnotbecrackedormissingpieces b. The area around the pulley can not be damaged in any way. This means not
smashed as in removing you old pulley. 2 Refunds take about one week from the time we receive your core. I must receive your core back within 120 days of the date we shipped to you for a full refund to be applied. You will still receive a refund of 1⁄2 if we receive your core after the 120 days and it’s rebuildable. 3 You will need to fill out and return the your portion with your core return. 4 If there is a deep grove on shaft causing a sleeve to be needed for the next customer you will receive -$30.00 less on your core refund.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please cut on the above line and return with your core.
I have read the terms and conditions of the core return policy and agree with all conditions.
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