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NEW  Free Shipping In The USA.


Basic Information

  • These valve covers are perimeter mount, with four bolts per cover, included. These do not work on engines that require center bolt mounting.
  • For 1963 to 1967 390 and 429 engines, these valve covers will bolt onto the heads although the shape is different. You will need to use the earlier 1954 specified gasket to get the valve covers to seal on a 429 engine. The 429 gaskets will not work with these valve


  • Our valve covers have an open interior and pockets to clear most roller rockers. The picture also shows the thick, precision-machined gasket flange and the four mounting holes on the perimeter


  • Most applications breath through the valley plate so these valve covers do not incorporate a provision for breathers or PCV


 Powder Coat

  • Powder coat finish is baked on the sand cast parts. After powder coating, we brush the top of the fins and script to remove the powder coating and the aluminum shines.
  • Powder coated parts are the easiest to keep clean.
  • There is some debate that powder coating increases or decreases amount of heat that a part can dissipate but we do not know of any scientific studies.



  • We use the highest grade aircraft quality aluminum and makes parts using the sand casting process. This is the same processes that are used to make intake manifolds, water pumps, and engine blocks. Sand cast parts have the texture of fine sand.
  • The design and construction provides strength. The walls and the gasket flanges are thick. This part will not bend or flex.
  • Aluminum material promotes heat dissipation. This aids in cooling transmission and differential fluid to keep the fluid lubricating gears and seals.
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