1951 Cadillac Neutral Safety Switch NOS Free Shipping In The USA


NOS  Free Shipping In The USA


This item is a NOS Delco Remy Neutral Safety Switch parts number 1997879. It is listed in Delco Remy Parts Catalog #1A100 dated 1958 as being used for all, 1951 Cadillac with Hydramatic Transmission. The switch was made by Delco Remy, in one of the former Anderson Indiana plants. No off shore item having questionable quality in this part. The box for the switch is missing the top, and the switch has been sitting open for many years I have cleaned the dirt off and it is slightly oxidized where the dirt had settled . The wires are good without any cracks or defects. There are no visible marks around the bolt holes and It does not appear to have ever been installed. This item is rare and there probably are not too many of them around anymore. If you have a 51 Cadillac, if you don't need it now, get it for a spare.




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