1954 1955 Cadillac Distributor W/Advance

Core Fee :

This is a rebuilt item with a vacuum advance.The parts numbers may be worn off. These are Delco units.


THERE IS A $120 CORE CHARGE ABOVE REBUILDING CHARGE LISTED. PLEASE ADD CORE FEE TO YOUR ORDER. You can do this in the Related Products box at the bottom of the page. 


The definition of a good rebuildable core is as follows:

1 The unit must be complete

2  It must be a Cadillac distributor

3  Must have the correct vacuum advance

4  Refunds take about 60-90 days. I must receive your core back within 120 days
of the date we shipped to you for a full refund to be applied. You will still receive a refund of 1⁄2 if I receive your core after the 120 days and it’s able to be rebuilt.

5  If your unit is not able to be rebuilt and you request it back, there will be a $30.00 service charge.

6  You will need to fill out and return the your portion with your core return.

Please cut on the above line and return with your core.
I have read the terms and conditions of the core return policy and agree with all conditions.



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