1957 Cadillac Bulb Replacement Kit 33 Pieces (Cars without Fog)


This kit Includes 33 Bulbs. For cars without fog light option.

Parking & Turn Signal Lights   (4)

Reverse/BU                               (2)

Stop/Tail Lights                        (2)

Beam Indicator Light                (2)

Brake Signal Light                     (1)

Cigar Lighter                              (1)

Clock Light                                 (1)

Courtesy/Step Light                 (2)

Dome Light                                (2)

Parking/ Directional Signal Lights   (4)

Glove Box Light                         (1)

Ignition Switch Light                (1)

Instrument Cluster Lights        (4)

License Plate Lights                  (2)

Map Light                                   (1)

Radio Dial Light                         (1)

Trunk Light                                (2)


All bulbs are exact replacements - size, shape, base shape, candle power and voltage (12v) from well known manufacturers and are designed to  replace the interior and exterior bulbs. This kit may contain extra bulbs according to the options your vehicle is equipped with, such as clock, lighter, extra dome lights, extra accessory lights, etc.


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