1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 Cadillac Harmonic Balancer W-out A/C REBUILT




 This is for a car without A/C. In addition to the price there is a $150.00 core deposit that is charged at check out.


The premium black silicone (high temperature) rubber we use is not affected by even continual heat (up to 400 F.) or engine motor oil. You do want to prevent submersion in solvents or gasoline as this type of rubber will absorb solvents.

This is how it's done:

Once the harmonic balancer parts are separated, cleaned, solvent washed, water washed, air dryed, corse sandblasted at high pressure, and chemicaly primed the parts are re-aligned and fixtured. A tool which accurately indexes the crankshaft keyway to the timing mark on the harmonic balancer ring. A final check is made of side to side gap to ensure true running of the harmonic balancer ring. We strive to center the harmonic balancer ring to within 0.001" of perfect center. The three parts of the rubber compond are measured in an electronic gram scale and fully mixed. The mixture is then put in a vacuum chamber and a high vacuum applied to remove trapped air bubbles in the rubber mixture. Finally the liquid rubber mixture is poured into the gap and allowed to cure fully. The under coat is usually two coats of Acrylic Enamel paint: first flat black (which acts as an excellent primer) and then a finish coat of gloss black.This painting on a recently sandblasted surface makes for a durable painted surface. Then polishing of the oil seal surface with #320 emery cloth completes the job. At this point the balancer is painted with the correct Cadillac blue engine paint.

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