1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 Cadillac Seat Motor

Core Fee :

This is a stock photo  . I'm shipping you the correct number that matches this photo , but is not this exact motor. Stamped number on case #5045388   Compare to yours.





     Any electrical item that I offer is a non-returnable item. I do stand behind my items and NOS items come with a 90-day warranty. These have been tested.

                        Window Motors – Seat Motors

              Under normal circumstances it takes 30 –45 days for a core refund. Some times as long as 60 days is needed. I send my cores to our rebuilder in batches. If your motor is able to be rebuilt the money will be put back on the credit card or PayPal account you paid the core charge with. If not rebuildable you will be responsible for shipping costs to you and the cost of shipping to our rebuilder and back, should you want your original item returned. Your core must be from the same year range for full refund.

            I do offer 90 days warranty on used motors and 6 months on the rebuilt units. These items are none refundable items. If your unit that we supplied is not working properly we will pay shipping costs both ways once it is determined that the unit we supplied is at fault. If there is an existing problem in your car and not the fault of the motor it will be your responsibility to pay for the shipping costs.    

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