1981 1982 1983 1984 Cadillac (Fleetwood Only) Heavy Duty Front Shock Absorbers 1 Pair (All Models EXC CC & FWD Eldorado)

TEM NS 5906

Features & Benefits 

The  Sensa-Trac Passenger Car Shock Absorber w/ Groove Tube Technology Combines Our Exclusive Precision Tapered Grooves In The Pressure Tube w/ Application Engineered Valving & Fluon Banded Piston To Improve The Ride, & Handling.; All Weather Fluid: Contains Special Modifiers To Reduce Friction & Ensure Smooth Rod Reaction.; Full Displaced Valving: Tuned Specifically For Each Application, This Valving Automatically Adjusts To Road Extremes To Provide Consistency & Ride; Fluon Banded Piston: The Fluon Band Provides Consistent Sealing Between The Piston & Pressure Tube Which Delivers Better Control & Increased Durability.; 1-3/16" Bore: Larger Bore Than Most Shocks To Provide More Efficient & Consistent Control.; Nitrogen Gas Charged: For Improved Ride & Handling, Helps Maintain Tire To Road Contact By Reducing Aeration.; 1/2" Diameter Piston Rod: Nitrocarburized Rod For Long Service Life. On Non-Dust Shield Units Only.; Special Seal: "Self-Lubricating" Fluid Seal Designed To Retain Gas w/o Excessive Wear Or Friction.; Groove Tube Technology: Precision Tapered Grooves In The Pressure Tube Perform Like An Additional Stage Of Valving For Optimum Ride Tuning.



Lower Mount : Cross Pin Mount

Shock Compressed Length : 9.375"

Shock Dust Shield : No

Shock Extended Length : 14.625"

Shock Travel Length : 5.25"

Upper Mount : Stem 3/8" x 16

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