Hot By-Pass Valve Core Fee $150.00

$150 HBPCF

The definition of a good rebuildable core is as follows:
a.     The unit must be a Cadillac core and not from a different brand car that was made to work at one point
b.     It must be a Cadillac part and not an after market core. Please inspect the one we sent you in comparison the one are your sending back.

Refunds take about five to three weeks from the time we receive your core. I
must receive your core back within 120 days of the date we shipped to you for a full refund to be applied. You will still receive a refund of ½ if we receive your core after the 120 days and it’s rebuildable.
3 You will need to fill out and return the your portion with your core return.
4 If your core is not rebuildable and you would like it returned to you, the freight would be your responsibility.
Please cut on the above line and return with your core.
I have read the terms and conditions of the core return policy and agree with all conditions.
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