1952 Cadillac Owner's Manual - Original

OM1952 A

This is an ORIGINAL 1952 "Golden Anniversary" Cadillac Owner's Manual that once adorned the glove box of a 1952 Cadillac.

This manual has some of it's binding scuffed and a little torn on the outside binding.There is a crease in the middle through out the manual. There is a water stain on the left corner that goes through out the manual but does not affect the ability to read what is in the manual. Colors are bright and easy to read. There are a few more water stains on the back page, but it does not affect reading.

The Owner's manual contains information and instructions on everything from Directionals, Seat adjustments, Gadets through out the car, transmission usage for Hydra-Matic Transmissions, Steering and Brake Inspection and use to service recommendations, and service locations.


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