1971 1972 Cadillac Eldorado Motor Mount REBUILT Free Shipping In The USA

Core Fee :

REBUILT  Free Shipping In The USA


There is a core fee of $150.00 that is automaticly added to your bill.  


                    CORE POLICY & INFORMATION


1    Must include the two metal cores of the transmission mount. There is the outer 

      frame and the center. We don’t care if the rubber is missing.

2   Must be straight, not twisted and have both mounting nuts attached $15 fee for 

      each one that is not.

3   If there are and broken studs there is a $20.00 removable fee per stud.

4   Core must be returned within 90 days of invoice date to receive full refund.

      Any core later that the 90 days will receive 80% of core value

5  You will need to fill out and return your portion with your core return.

6  If your core is not able to be rebuilt and you would like it returned to you, the

      freight would be your responsibility.




Please cut on the above line and return with your core.

I have read the terms and conditions of the core return policy and agree with all conditions.


                     Signature____________________________   Date______________

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