1974 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible Advanced Rubber Kit (14 Pieces)

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  •    This kit includes the following:
  • Door gaskets:  1 Pair
  • Header Seal:    1
  • Lock Pillar Fillers 1 Pair
  • Pillar Post Seal 1 Pair
  • Roof rail set:     1  (4 piece set)
  • Trunk gasket:    1
  • 1/4 window leading edge 1 Pair


The seals are exact reproduction of the original. The picture is a representation of what is included in the kit. This weatherstrips kit is made from the highest quality of soft, pliable epdm rubber compounds. This flexible, heat and ozone-resistant rubber makes it ideal for a wide variety of rubber applications, especially your classic car restoration. Due to the advancement in rubber chemical make-up, these reproductions are better quality and will last longer than the original rubber seals.

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