1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 Cadillac Door Jam Switch REPRODUCTION




You are buying one switch at this price.

The new switch is not self-grounding like original equipment. You will need the following items to properly complete installation:

1 Switch

2 Crimp-on Male pin connector wire ends(blue insulator)

1 Crimp-on round lug wire end(blue insulator)

Approximately 6-8” of wire


1)      Remove old switch from jamb

2)      Remove wires from switch, clip wire ends.

3)      Strip wire ends, twist together & install into one crimp-on pin connector – These are the hot wires.

4)      Create ground wire – Strip ends of new wire, install Pin Connector on one side and round lug connector on other side.

5)      Connect round lug of ground wire to existing screw or bolt behind kick panel

6)      Fish the other end of the ground wire up through the hole in the door jamb with existing hot wires

7)      Plug both pin connectors into the switch

8)      Test operation by manual depressing switch button

9)      If everything works properly, push switch into door jamb & re-install kick panel. If not, check all wiring connections.


Also, a dab of dielectric grease on the pin connectors will help reduce corrosion from any moisture that may reach the switch.


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