About Caddy Daddy

About Caddy Daddy

 Little of my Car History

  • Most children’s first words are mommy or daddy, mine was car.
  • Age of 15 1/2 living in San Francisco I watched one chase seen in Bullet (staring Steve McQueen) being filmed live.
  • Age 16 moved back to Illinois. Got my first car. 1957 Ford Convertible
  • Age 17 Traded in the Ford for a 1966 Mustang Fastback
  • Age 17  Special ordered a 1970 442 w30 Convertible with every option
  • Age 18  sold Olds for a Lotus Europe
  • Age  18 Sold Lotus for 1970 Porsche Targa
  • I can go on and on.
  • Age 26 bought my first Cadillac 1954 Eldorado
  • Age 28 Bought 1953 Eldorado convertible
  • I can go on and on.
  • I drive a 2003 Ext as my everyday vehicle


Business Background

  • At the age of 19 I started working in a car stereo store. This was the time that 4 tracks were on the way out and 8 tracks were the new thing.
  • At that time I was Dr. Watts  your car stereo doctor
  • I designed the first car stereo enclosed sound room
  • I imported the most powerful amp (76 Watts) + it had bass and treble controls and a head phone jack.
  • At the age of 29 started Cadillac parts as a hobby. I found at that time I needed a right hand bumper end for a 1954. The price was $200. I could buy a whole car for that price. Sold the choice parts and scraped the rest.

Achievements in th the Cadillac Parts Business


  • One of the first if not the first  Cadillac parts dealer to set up shop buy touring the swap meets on the west coast
  • First Cadillac Parts dealer to have a mobile show room.
  • First Cadillac parts dealer on the internet
  • First Cadillac parts dealer to have catalogs that you could down load by the year
  • As one of the pioneers on the web for many years I sent more Caddy Nuts to join the club nationally than anyone else.


  • Playing golf
  • Working in the garden

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