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Caddy Daddy Presents – Media for Cadillac Enthusiasts

26 Oct Caddy Daddy Presents – Media for Cadillac Enthusiasts

What’s up Cadillac Fans!
Have you heard the great news?

Caddy Daddy has recently branched out into Cadillac media, and has created Caddy Daddy Presents!
So you might be asking yourself…What does this mean?

Caddy Daddy Presents is a new premiere outlet for all things revolving around the Cadillac brand. Whether it be photo, video, blogs, news articles, etc. we will be presenting the latest and greatest in digital content to not only entertain, but also educate our fans. The same fans that love the Cadillac brand and it’s atmosphere. We know who you are!

Here is a run down of the categories we will be creating content for.

Take an adventure with Caddy Daddy Presents as we bring you on a journey featuring various Cadillacs from all over the world. We explore unique designs, restorations, and parts that we didn’t know existed. Together we will capture beautiful sights, see cultural events, and enjoy every moment of it together. Adventures are meant to be fun!

There are so many different lifestyles and cultures that Cadillac plays a big part in. From clothing to tattoos, people all over the world appreciate the Cadillac brand and what it represents. We will capture this and present it to you the way it should be seen.

People all over the world collect many different things that hold true meaning to their lives. From neon signs to license plate frames, Caddy Daddy Presents captures various memorabilia that not only represents something special, but shares a significant story behind every piece.

When it comes to classic cars, we are on top of all things restored. Building these precious gems from the ground up is what we love and what we document, so you get an idea of how it’s done. We are currently restoring a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible, that Neil Young just sold us. You can view the first episode of many to come on the project HERE. Stay tuned as we go behind the scenes of how we put this amazing project together.

This one is pretty straight forward. This is all about car parts and accessories. From old to new Cadillacs, we cover exterior, interior, electrical, small and big, and much more. We may even have some tutorials on how to install parts on a specific Caddy.

It is in our growing interest to get coverage of most Cadillac car shows in the area, as well as others around the world. From photos to video, we enjoy seeing what others have done to their Cadillacs. We receive insight from what people have to say, while interviewing them, along with personal stories that enlighten us. If there is a show near you that you would like us to cover, send us a message HERE and we will get in touch!

Who said you are too old to have toys? Toys are what got us through our childhood years and hold a sentimental value to most of us. Cadillac has been in production for over 100 years and there have been some amazing toys made for all ages. Keep up to date as we search for the coolest and funnest toy collections out there!

A painting. A sketch. A photograph.
They all come together as one when you talk about art. Expressing emotion through various forms is how some people communicate with others. To many, the Cadillac logo is a symbol that connects with people. To others, the classic car lifestyle itself is an art form. We try our best to tell some of the greatest stories behind each piece of art we find and create.

So that’s it!
Caddy Daddy Presents is a new place where people can stay up to date on what they love most about Cadillacs.
To see what’s new and cool, you can visit Caddy Daddy Presents at

You can also visit our social channels below:


As always, thanks for the support and see ya around!

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