Frequently Asked Questions


Core Fee: This is a charge over and above the price you pay for the item. We must have your old core returned in good re-buildable condition so there is one for the next customer. Definition of cores are by item and you can review this in the information area under core fees.


Product Descriptions

N.O.S.: New Old Stock Original part. Factory made or directly under factories authority.

N.O.R.S: New Old Replacement Stock This was made by outside vendors Note. Many of the N.O.S items people advertise are N.O.R.S I’ve asked many dealers why they do this and they tell me it’s easier to get customers to their product. Personally I don’t think this is fair

Repro: Reproduction item that is made in the aftermarket and is like or very similar to the original part


Used: Any correct part that was removed from a car. 

Store Hours

Mail order only. Most week days and some Saturdays. I do not have set hours, but I typically work 50 hours a week to serve your needs.


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