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1956 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Deluxe Rubber Weatherstrip Kit (85 Pieces) REPRODUCTION Free Shipping In The USA



Free Shipping In The USA

REPRODUCTION. You are purchasing an 85 piece advanced rubber weatherstrip kit. This advanced rubber weatherstrip kit is a combination of several other kits. The images shown are a representation of the actual kit, you will receive the correct parts as listed below.


1956 Cadillac 4-Door Sedan Deville Models ONLY


Basic Kit

1 Pair Front Door Weatherstrips

1 Pair Rear Door Weatherstrips

1 Pair Door J Weatherstrips

1 Trunk Weatherstrip

1 Pair Quarter Window Leading Edge Weatherstrips

Under Hood Kit

1 Hood to Cowl Weatherstrip

6 Hood to Cowl Bumpers (Please Select Bumper Height from drop down menu above)

6 Fender to Hood Bumpers

2 Front Hood Adjusters

6 Hood to Cowl Fasteners

4 Spark Plug Spacers

4 Fender to Hood Bumpers

2 Battery Clamp Covers

Splash Apron and Dust Shield Kit

1 6-Piece Splash Apron Set

2 Rear Bumper Ends

1 Rear Bumper Filler

1 Gas Door Filler

1 Anti Squeak Inner Dust Shield

Vent Window Kit

1 Pair Main Vent Window Weatherstrips

1 Pair Vent Window Division Post Weatherstrips

Window Channel and Felt Kit

4 Upper Rigid Run Channels

4 Lower Rigid Run Channels

4 5-Foot Flexible Channels

4 Inner Window Sweeps

4 Outer Window Sweeps

Extra Items

1 Pair Hinge Pillar Weatherstrips

1 Pair Beltline Door Weatherstrips

1 Pair Roof Rail Weatherstrips

1 Pair Trunk Bumpers