Cadillac Authenticate

Authenticate your 1903-1970 Cadillac or Lasalle

A service of the GM Heritage Center

A copy of the factory record sheet showing the as-built configuration for 1903 - 1970 Cadillacs and 1927 - 1940 LaSalles is available for $50.00 US from the General Motors Heritage Center. The information on the record sheet includes:

  • Original destination (1954 and earlier)
  • Paint color code
  • Trim code
  • Accessories
  • Component serial numbers

1968 record sheets are NOT available. In addition, the GM Heritage Center has expanded the range of documentation offered for 1903 - 1970 models to include copies of Salesman's Data Books, Operation Manuals, Optional Specifications, etc., as available.

PLEASE NOTE: Cadillac Motor Car Division was the vehicle wholesaler and did NOT have records of the original retail purchasers -- only the dealership maintained retail sales records. SOME of the 1954 and earlier special order record sheets list the name of the person who ordered the car. In general, it is NOT possible for the GM Heritage Center to determine the name of the original owner of your vehicle.

Please remember, as described above, 1968 record sheets are NOT available. Original owner records are generally NOT available.


  • Provide the vehicle data -- year, style #, body # and serial/VIN # (e.g. 1941, style 6219D, Body 1286, serial 8342240). All Cadillacs and LaSalles are recorded by the original engine serial number; without that number, the GM Heritage Center cannot process your order and has no choice but to return your request.

For convenience, an order form is available by clicking here.

  • Include a check or money order (PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH) in US funds for $50.00 payable to Allied Vaughn as The GM Cadillac Collection service is now managed by Allied Vaughn. You may also call 734-462-5543 ext 163 or email and pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex)


Allied Vaughn

Attn: GM Vehicle Invoice & Cadillac Collection

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