Earn cash back on all of your purchases

Did you know that you can earn 3% cash back on all purchases from Caddy Daddy? The Caddy Daddy cash back program is available on all purchases, made online or on the phone.  Points are earned by taking 3% of the total purchase before Tax and Shipping. For example if your sub-total is $1499.00, you would receive 45 points. (1499 x 3% =  44.97, rounded up, becomes  45). Points can then be used for future purchases with 1 point, equaling $1 of store credit.

Some of the benefits that make our reward point system different are:

  • Points never expire.  Keep the points you’ve earned and use them when you want to.
  • Points earned can be tracked from within your account on Caddydaddy.com
  • Points can be used directly from our website. To use points, first sign into your account, then look for “use points” during checkout.