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1957 1958 Cadillac Convertible Top Hose Set REPRODUCTION Free Shipping in the USA



Free Shipping In The USA

REPRODUCTION. You are purchasing one pair of convertible top rubber hoses. The image is just a representation of the product. You will receive the correct fittings and dimensions as noted below. 


Upper Hose: 60 inches x 60 inches with Straight Fittings

Lower Hose: 61 inches x 61 inches with 90 Degree Fittings


1957-1958 Cadillac Convertibles

*NOTE: It is recommended to use Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF or "Dex/Merc" Transmission Fluid. This used to be called "Type A" or "Dexron III" fluid. Brake fluid can corrode the system and void the warranty if this is used.