1967 1968 Cadillac Classic Style Radio With Digital Display And Dash Speaker Kit NEW Free Shipping In The USA



Free Shipping In The USA

SPECIAL ORDER. Please allow 5-7 days of processing time before your order ships. 

SPECIAL ORDER. Please allow 5-7 days of processing time before your order ships. 


1967-1968 Cadillac Models

This radio is truly the modern upgrade for your classic car. These look the part in the older style radio, but boasts features available in a newer style car and are specifically designed to replace the original unit. This unit should fit your original dash without modifications, will have large OEM style push buttons to compliment the original dash, and a "Cadillac" logo above the display. With 300 watts peak, this unit will also provide plenty of power but contains four RCA pre-outs for optional amplifiers if desired.

The negative style display features a black background and white letters / numbers. The alpha-numeric display appears behind the "classic" faceplate when in use (see additional images), but will remain off when not in use to maintain the illusion of an original radio system. This radio does come with the RCA cable for the auxiliary input and a USB flash drive. The auxiliary input, USB Port, and classic iPod (30-pin) connection are located on the rear of the radio in order to keep the radio looking classic with the 5 push buttons along the face of the radio. We recommend running the cables for these inputs into the ashtray, glove box, or any other location that will work for your needs. For the USB port, you may need to purchase a USB extension cord depending on the device used with this. All radios come with a new harness to splice into the existing wiring.

There are two options of speakers included with this unit, both in the same original 4-inches by 10-inches (4x10) size to mount in the same original position in the dash. The dual dash speakers offer two 3.5-inch, 4-ohm speakers, providing stereo sound from the original single location. The dual voice coil (DVC) dash speakers are the same 4-inches by 10-inches (4x10) size as the dual speakers, but offer about 70% more cone surface area. With 140 watts peak and two tweeters on this single speaker, it provides a stereo sound and a better mid-range response than the dual dash speaker option.

Both speaker options are prewired and designed to easily connect to these new radio units. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a manual antenna, the knobs on this radio will not work to raise or lower your antenna. A separate toggle switch must be installed to operate this that is NOT included with this kit. 
This radio is designed to work with fully automatic antennas with an internal relay. This will not work on a manual power antenna. If you connect your manual power antenna actuator lead to the power antenna lead on this radio, it will severely damage the radio and void the warranty. 

If you are are also looking for a system with bluetooth capabilities and still maintaining the classic look, please see our additional radio listings. 


AM / FM Stereo

16 Presets (12 FM / 4 AM)

Electronic Tuner and Volume Control

Digital EQ

Left / Right Balance

Separate Bass and Treble 

Loudness Compensation

4-Way Fader

2 Channel RCA Auxiliary Input for Satellite (cable included)

4 Channel RCA Pre-outs

Power Antenna Lead

USB Port (For Flashdrive MP3/WMA Playback) / Auxiliary Input


Dual Dash Speaker

4 Inches x 10 Inches Size

2 - 3.5 Inch Speakers

4 Ohms Per Speaker

Dual Voice Coil Dash Speaker

4 Inches x 10 Inches Size

2 Tweeters With 4 Wire Connections (L / R Channels)

140 Watts Peak

*The image included is the actual radio you will receive. Any exterior or surrounding bezels are not included. Please use your current bezels when mounting this unit. Speakers shown are the actual speakers that you will receive depending on the one ordered.

**These kits are designed to upgrade vehicles with the original radios installed. Many of these kits will bolt on directly to the original parts but some may need some minor modifications. If you have any questions we do offer tech support. All kits are backed with a 1 year guarantee from date of purchase to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. The guarantee covers replacement of defective part and does not cover installation, labor costs, special freight, or incidental damages and is void in the event of misuse, improper installation, or misdiagnosis.