1949 Cadillac Sedan Left Rear Curved 1/4 Glass USED



USED. Left driver's side rear curved 1/4 glass. It's in good shape. Please compare and check yours carefully before purchasing to ensure proper fitment.


1949 Cadillac sedans


We ship many pieces of glass and 99.9% of the time they arrive in perfect condition; once in awhile there is a piece that gets damaged in the delivery process.  In order to qualify for a replacement piece of glass the following four things MUST be done in order to insure that the damage happened on our end and not yours:

1) Sign for the box but make sure that the driver DOES NOT leave

2) Open the box and inspect the glass while the delivery driver is present.

3) If you find that your product is damaged have the delivery driver sign the bill of lading witnessing that the product is in fact damaged.

4) Take pictures of the glass and the box that it came in and email them to us at amber@caddydaddy.com.  Scan or fax the bill of lading with both signatures on it to amber@caddydaddy.com or call 707-252-2339.