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1957 Cadillac Front and Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit With Booster and Master Cylinder NEW






1957 Cadillac Models

You are purchasing one whole car disc brake conversion kit with a conversion booster and master cylinder. This kit is designed to upgrade the original factory wheels on the car.  If using a wire wheel or after market rim, spacer plates may be needed. If you would like spacer plates included with the kit please select from the options above. This kit is made with a 5 by 5 (5x5) bolt pattern. If a different bolt pattern is needed please contact us directly. 

This kit is for 12-Inch rotors to use with the original 15-Inch factory wheels. If a larger rotor is desired, please select our "Big Disc Brake" kits. Both standard rotors and drilled and slotted rotors are available. Drilled and slotted rotors allow for better cooling and help prevent dust build up that can happen with standard rotors.

The booster included with this system is 9 inches in diameter and a dual diaphragm for more power. This is approximately 0.5 inches wider on both sides than the original. The dual diaphragm booster can only be used on cars WITHOUT the Batwing Air Cleaner (Dual Quad Carburetors). If your car has a Batwing Air Cleaner (Dual Quad Carburetors) set up, you will need a single diaphragm booster for better fitment under the hood. The master cylinder included in this kit is a DUAL line master cylinder. Some modification to the original brake lines may be required, such as changing of the original the brake lines and installing additional tubing.

The original factory booster has approximately 800-1000 PSI.

This conversion booster has approximately 1200-1400 PSI with 16 inches of vacuum. This has 400-600 PSI more than the original for better stopping power.

The use of this kit requires creating a dual line brake system. This requires custom changing of the original the brake lines and installing additional tubing. If you would like standard 3/16-Inch tubing included, please select the option above. This will include 25 Feet of 3/16-Inch brake line as well as an assorted fitting kit to help with the conversion and installation.

A new emergency brake cable will be needed when installing the rear disc brake system. This is not included in the standard kit but can be added using the options above if desired. THIS CABLE WOULD BE A CUSTOM ORDER ITEM BASED ON THE MEASUREMENTS YOU PROVIDE. You will need the overall length and conduit length (as seen in the diagram below) of the cable going to BOTH REAR WHEELS. This is a total of 2 cables. Depending on how your cable system is set up under the vehicle, each cable could vary in length so do not assume they will both be the same. It is recommended that you measure the emergency brake cable AFTER installation of the disc brake kit to get the most accurate measurement. 


Front and Rear Disc Brake Basic Rotors

Front and Rear Single Piston Loaded Calipers (Including pads)

Front and Rear Caliper Brackets

Front and Rear Hoses 

Front and Rear Hardware (Including spindle nuts, dust caps, banjo bolts, seals, bearings/races, etc.)

Booster/Master Cylinder WITH Disc/Disc Proportioning Valve


Made in the USA.


*The images are a representation of the product and what is included in each kit. You will get the correct product as ordered.

**These kits are disc brake conversion kits. They are designed to convert vehicles with original drum brakes utilizing the original spindles. Many of these kits will bolt on directly to the original parts but some may need some minor modifications. If you have any questions we do offer tech support. All kits are backed with a 1 year guarantee from date of purchase to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. The guarantee covers replacement of defective part and does not cover installation, labor costs, special freight, or incidental damages and is void in the event of misuse, improper installation, or misdiagnosis.