1959 1960 1961 1962 Cadillac (See Details) Heater Control Valve 5/8 Diameter Pipe REPRODUCTION Free Shipping In The USA



Free Shipping In The USA

REPRODUCTION. You are purchasing one heater control valve. This is the valve that attaches to the heater core and controls the flow of hot water through the heating system. This comes with the coiled thermostatic line. Please compare to yours to ensure proper fitment. There are two styles for 1959 Cadillac Models. This valve pipe approximately is 5/8 inch (15.875 mm) in diameter. Replaces part # 3146277

PLEASE NOTE: For some models, the pipe on this valve may need to be straightened some in order to line up with the heater core. It is possible to slightly bend by hand, but if a more drastic change is needed it is recommended to heat the pipe to make it more malleable before attempting to straighten it. If this part is heated and shows heat damage on the piping this is NOT RETURNABLE. 


1959 Cadillac Models AFTER Engine No. 051482**

**The engine serial number is located on the lower left hand side of the cylinder block above the edge of the oil pan.

1960 Cadillac Models

1961-1962 Cadillac Series 75 Limousine and Commercial Chassis ONLY

USA CUSTOMERS ONLY: If your original heater core has the possibility to be rebuilt, please contact us directly for a shipping label. IF YOUR CORE IS REBUILDABLE, you would be eligible for a $75.00 store credit, or a $50.00 refund back to your original payment method if this is received 120 days from the date of your order. Please contact us for further questions on returning cores or refunds. If a core is sent in without prior approval, shipping will not be reimbursed and the core may not be eligible for credit or refund.