1960 Cadillac Air Conditioning (A/C) Compressor A6 Conversion (For Cars With Hot Bypass ON FENDER) REPRODUCTION Free Shipping In The USA



Free Shipping In The USA



REPRODUCTION. This is an A5 to A6 conversion compressor. This unit will only work where the hot gas bypass valve is mounted to the fender. If you have a hot gas bypass valve mounted next to the compressor, this would likely require modification to the bracketry. The unit is designed to use the original clutch connector and original hoses. Multiple bolt positions allow for mounting using the original bracketry on the car, but sometimes shims may be needed for proper alignment. A new receiver drier is recommended for installation. If you need a new connector pigtail or receiver drier, please select from the drop down information above. Additional installation instructions can be seen in the instructions tab.

Pulley Diameter: 5 Inches

Approximate Refrigerant Amount for a Complete Charge: 4.50 lbs of R12 / 3.80 lbs of R134A

Amount and Type of Oil Needed:

For Systems with R134A - PAG-150 for 10.5 oz

For Systems with R12 - POE-100 for 10.5 oz

**Just add oil directly into the compressor only, it will self distribute through the system.

Hose Fitting Sizes:

Suction Hose Fitting - #12

Discharge Hose Fitting - #8


1960 Cadillac Models WITH Hot Gas Bypass Valve On Fender ONLY