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Late 1951 1952 Early 1953 Cadillac (See Details) AC Type 9648 Fuel And Vacuum Pump Rebuild Kit REPRODUCTION Free Shipping In The USA



Free Shipping In The USA

REPRODUCTION. You are purchasing a fuel and vacuum pump repair kit for AC Type 9648 fuel pumps. The image is just a representation of the kit, you will receive the correct parts for your pump. Used on original fuel pump GM Part # 5592193.

This kit requires you to reuse the original diaphragm rod in the pump. This will require a hydraulic or arbor press in order to disassemble the original diaphragm. Do not grind off the machine pressed end of the diaphragm rod that holds the diaphragm saucer assembly together. There will not be enough remaining metal for reassembly if the machine pressed end is ground off.

If your pump has ever been rebuilt before, some additional steps may be required in order to use this rebuild kit.


1951 Cadillac Models AFTER Engine No. 67000**

1952 Cadillac Models

1953 Cadillac Models BEFORE Engine No. 047039**

**Engine Number or Engine Serial Number is located on the front of the right hand cylinder block between the generator and water pump, at right angles with the crankshaft. This number may also be stamped on the lubrication plate located in the left door lock pillar. The last 5 OR 6 digits of this number will be the correct Engine Number to compare above. This is dependent if you have a 9 digit long or 10 digit long engine number.