1968 Cadillac (See Details) Air Conditioning Drier REPRODUCTION Free Shipping In The USA



Free Shipping In The USA

REPRODUCTION. You are purchasing an air conditioning receiver drier or dehydrator. Drier comes with o-rings for proper installation. Replaces part # 3015061.


Length: 12 Inches

Outer Diameter: 2.5 Inches

Outlet Fitting: 0.6875 Inch Female O-Ring

Outlet Fitting Size: 0.375 Inch


1968 Cadillac Models EXCEPT Eldorado AFTER Vehicle Identification No. (VIN) 114152***

**PLEASE NOTE: This unit is compatible with both R12 and R134A automotive refrigerants. It is recommended to replace the receiver/drier anytime the system is opened up to the atmosphere or during service procedures such as flushing the system to ensure optimal performance.

*** Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is located either on the pad at the rear of the crankcase behind the intake manifold or on a plate riveted to the cowl bar in the lower left hand corner of the windshield. The last 6 digits of this number with be the correct VIN to compare above.