1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 Cadillac (See Details) Valve Covers 1 Pair RESTORED



RESTORED. You are purchasing a pair of partially restored engine valve covers. These valve covers do not have any rust holes or dents. The covers have not been painted in primer for preservation. Group # 0.386. Part # 3509724.


1952-1954 Cadillac Models

1955-1956 Cadillac Models BEFORE Engine Number 990605*

*NOTE: Does NOT fit dual carburetor models

***Engine Number or Engine Serial Number is located on the front face of the right hand cylinder block in the upper right hand corner. This number may also be stamped on the frame right hand side bar to the rear of the engine mounting bracket or on the left driver door lubrication plate. Please compare the last 6 digits of this number to determine the Engine Number as used above.