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1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special Deluxe Rubber Kit (161 Pieces) REPRODUCTION Free Shipping In The USA



Free Shipping In The USA

REPRODUCTION. You are purchasing a 161 piece deluxe rubber kit. The images shown are a representation of the kit, you will receive the correct parts as listed below. Please select the correct hood to cowl bumper height for your vehicle from the drop down menu above.


1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special Models ONLY


Door Weatherstrips:

1 Pair Front Door Gaskets

1 Pair Rear Door Gaskets

1 Pair Door J Gaskets

1 Pair Front Hinge Pillar Seals

1 Pair Rear Hinge Pillar Seals

Vent Window Weatherstrips:

1 Pair Front Vent Window Weatherstrips

1 Pair Front Vent Window Division Post Weatherstrips

1 Pair Rear Vent Window Weatherstrips

1 Pair Rear Vent Window Division Post Weatherstrips

1 Pair Side Window Leading Edge Weatherstrips

Window Weatherstrips:

4 Inner Window Sweeps

4 Outer Window Sweeps

1 Windshield Gasket

1 Rear Window Gasket

Under Hood Items:

1 Hood to Cowl Weatherstrip

6 Hood To Cowl Fasteners

6 Hood to Cowl Bumpers (Please Select Height Required Above)

6 Front Fender to Hood Bumpers

4 Side Hood to Fender Bumpers

4 Hood Bumpers

1 Pair Front Hood Adjusters

1 Pair Spark Plug Spacers

1 Pair Battery Clamp Covers

Splash Apron and Dust Shield Items:

6 Piece Splash Apron Kit

4 Piece Rear Bumper End Filler Kit

1 Piece Rear Bumper Filler

1 Pair Fan Shroud Assembly Seals

1 Gas Door Filler

1 Anti Squeak Inner Dust Shield

1 Pair Fender Skirt Edge Seal

Steering and Suspension Items:

1 Pair Stabilizer Bar Bushings

8 Stabilizer Shock Grommets

1 Pair Front Coil Spring Pads

1 Pair Tie Rod Dust Cover

1 Pair Rear Spring Axle Impact Pads

4 Lower Suspension Arm Inner Dust Seals

6 Piece Prop Shaft Center Support Retainer Set

4 Upper A-Arm Inner Seals

Interior Items:

1 Steering Column Grommet

1 Steering Column Boot Floor Plate

1 Parking Brake Release Pad

1 Parking Brake Locking Pedal

1 Pair Door Bottom Drain Seals

4 Instrument Panel To Windshield Frame Grommets

1 Glove Box Door Cushion Grommet

1 Dimmer Switch Cover

1 Pair Gas Gauge Wiring Grommets

1 Odometer Trip Knob

1 Pair Glove Box Bumpers

1 Pair Standard Bumpers

Exterior Items:

1 Pair Rear View Mirror to Door Mounting Pads

1 Pair Taillight Gaskets

1 Pair Back Up Light Gaskets

4 Headlight Rim Seals

1 Pair Turn Signal Gaskets

1 Pair Parking Lamp Gaskets

8 Piece Door Handle Gasket Kit

1 Antenna Mounting Pad

1 Pair Fuel Door Bumpers

1 Pair Roof Rail Weather Strips

1 Trunk Gasket

1 Pair Trunk Bumpers