1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 Cadillac Power Steering Pump Pressure Line Nut USED



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USED. You are purchasing pressure line nut for power steering pump. Nuts do not come with o-rings seals. Nuts are in excellent condition with little to no surface rusting. Please compare yours to ensure proper fitment. Image is a representation of the product, you may not get the exact one shown but will receive one of a similar quality. Group # 18.2040 Part # 5664020


Pressure Line Nut Thread Size: 3/4 Inch - 20


1952 Cadillac Models**

1953-1958 Cadillac Models

**NOTE: 1952 Models BEFORE Engine # 086400 used 2 Pressure Nuts. AFTER Engine # 086399 used 1 Pressure Nut.