1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 Cadillac Engine to Turbo HydraMatic (400) Transmission Conversion Adapter Kit With Starter (See Details) NEW

5564WCCAD-350AT TEM2441083


NEW. This is an adapter kit and a 2 bolt gear reduction starter for Cadillac 331, 365 and 390 Engines to convert from the classic HydraMatic or Jetaway to a THM 400 transmission. A new starter is required with the installation of this kit, your original starter will not work with this application. Please watch the installation video in the "How to Install" tab to see how this product is used. Installation instructions are also included with this kit.

Please select from the drop-down box above if you wish to add a transmission dipstick and tube (as shown in the second picture).


Tube Length (Following The Tube Curve): 27.75 Inches

Dipstick Length: 29.25 Inches 


Conversion Starter

CNC Machines Aluminum Adapter Plate

Steel Flexplate with New Ring Gear

Aluminum Crankshaft Spacer

Dowel Pins

Grade 8 Crankshaft Attachment Bolts

Alloy Engine-to-Adapter Fasteners


1955-1964 Cadillac Models WITH 331, 365 OR 390 Engines ONLY**

**PLEASE NOTE: 1964 Cadillac models used 1/2 Inch (0.5 Inch) dowels on the block

These kits are designed to convert vehicles with original 331, 365 and 390 engines to THM 400 transmissions. In many instances, these kits will bolt on directly to the original parts but some may need some minor modifications. Professional installation is recommended for proper use of these parts. You are responsible to ensure parts are installed correctly to prevent unnecessary damage or wear to your parts. 

Changing the transmission will require changing the mount and driveline. Please see additional products that we offer in the related products below if you would like to use these. Please compare all measurements and information before purchasing to ensure proper fit.